It is our belief that the promises made by the industry are truly only implementable by an owner-managed business and, within this group, few have the skills to match the needs of the client.

1.       It starts with You

Typical advice discussions start with an assessment  of your investment portfolio and asset allocation. Our experience has shown us that the real value is added well before this time – through understanding who you really are – your personal and family context, your future aspirations and your current complications. We will challenge, question and be a ‘logic filter’ for you.

By doing this, we can hand-craft a solution for you that will not only benefit you and your family immediately, but also ensure that your assets are protected well into the future. It may take some time, but the benefits will be significant.

2.       We aren’t constrained

Independence has become a cliché in our industry. Most businesses will claim some form of independence as they attempt to find ways to align themselves with you. However, when you dig deeper, you will find the same company name repeating itself in everything you see.

We prefer to think of ourselves as 'unconstrained'. We are not constrained by the house view and protocols of a corporate that limit your options and protect their interests. Rather, we can truly align ourselves with you by doing the research and partnering with the best in the business – ultimately for your benefit.

3.       Direct Access to the experience you want

You have been successful – either in your own business or in your chosen corporate. When it comes to your other assets, you expect a level of engagement and insight with someone of similar skill.

We have operated at the top of the wealth management industry for a number of years – driving strategy and implementing solutions for both the business and its clients. Now, as founders of Maven Wealth, we offer this high level, strategic insight for your benefit. We have the ability to make decisions and the flexibility to implement them. We can manage the costs you pay; we sit on the same side of the table as you, providing advice, acting as a sounding board to you and your family and finally we implement our advice through a best of breed structure.

4.       Our breadth of expertise benefits you

Many wealth management firms talk about ‘holistic planning’. However, they very quickly focus on the investments within a balance sheet only, leaving a great deal of opportunity and good advice behind. Similarly the banks talk ‘whole balance sheet’, but work in silos without one person taking responsibility for all the pieces of the puzzle.

The breadth of our experience allows us to consult strategically with you, understanding your investment assets, any liabilities and your business. By considering all of these different elements, we ensure that you will maximise your opportunities through one, highly qualified relationship.

5.       We are creating a community    

Our belief is that you need to consider wealth and the management thereof as part of your whole self. On its own, money can achieve very little. However, by aligning it with personal wellness and intellectual stimulus, you can give money the platform to realise its full value. Through the Maven Wealth Collective, we are building a community of like-minded clients and businesses. We share a similar set of values and a desire for all the people in the Collective to benefit from the network of relationships.