"Since establishing Maven Wealth, we have seen the value of advising a small group of clients across their whole balance sheet. The ability to truly understand your client and offer unconstrained advice to them and their family is more rare than we anticipated. Our decision to move out of the corporate world to a place where we can really add value is validated every day."

Paul's Story

Paul's career to this point has spanned global financial services and consulting businesses and his CV features a number of internationally recognised brands. However, it is locally in the wealth management industry that he made his mark. Paul was Managing Director of BoE Private Clients for three years before stepping out to pursue his own ventures. Prior to this, over a period of 13 years, he successfully ran a number of divisions within the bank. Each new position provided a foundation to broaden his skills and log his '10 000 hours'.

Paul has now found his sweet spot at Maven Wealth as he uses this experience to help families maximise the opportunities available to their balance sheets.

The Finlayson brothers bring together a unique combination of strategic insights, creative problem-solving abilities, and authentic human engagement to provide clients a unique holistic platform to pursue their futures.
— Ian Young, Former CEO Saatchi & Saatchi

andrew's story

Like Paul, Andrew has a long history in the private client wealth industry. Having cut his teeth at BoE as an analyst and investment manager, Andrew spent a year criss-crossing the globe before starting a successful career at Citadel Wealth Management. He advanced to be one of the company's senior advisors to high net worth clients, before taking up a number of leadership roles in the group. He initially ran the wealth planning division, before assuming responsibility for the new business development and brand and marketing areas. At 37, Andrew was made a director of Citadel and its subsidiary, The Wealth Corporation. 

Like Paul, since co-founding Maven Wealth, Andrew is now relishing the opportunity to work with a select group of clients by having the time and insights to make a meaningful difference in their lives.